How add-ons are charged when ordering

Add-ons can be ordered at any time.

For one time charges we will charge the full one time fee to the credit card on file and activate the add-on.

For recurring charges we charge a pro-rated add-on fee that is synced to the current billing cycle. This helps simplify billing and syncs the add-on fees and the hosting fees at the anniversary date.

For example, if you signed up for the annual plan and:
  • You ordered an add-on on the first day of signup, then you would pay for 12 months of add-on service.
  • You ordered an add-on after three months of hosting service, then you would pay for 9 months of add-on service, etc.
Finally, some add-ons can only be charged on an annual basis, without pro-rating, such as Domain registration, SSL Certificates, and SiteLock.
For add-on pricing, please see this price list.