How to create a catch-all account in SmarterMail

Note: catch-all is disabled by default.
To enable the catch-all feature you must first open a ticket in the Support Portal and request that the catch-all feature be enabled. When we have verified that the catch-all feature has been enabled, log in to SmarterMail with an account with Administrator privileges to continue. Once logged in:
1) Click on the Settings button at the top of the page.

2) Expand the Domain Settings folder on the left.

3) Click the Aliases link and click the New button at the top of the page.

4) Enter a name for the catch-all alias and click the Email Address(es) tab.

5) Enter the email address that you would like all incoming email sent to and click the Save button.

6) Click the Set Catch-All button.

7) Click the Catch-All Alias drop down menu and select the alias you created, click the Save button.