Email forwarding (also known as Email alias) allows you to create an email account that will forward any incoming email to another email account.

In the SmarterMail interface go to "Domain Settings >> Accounts >> Aliases (tab)" to set up email forwarding addresses.

Alternately, you can create a forwarding address in Control Panel by going to the SmarterMail Manager link, selecting "Email Aliases (Forwards)" from the drop down list, and clicking "ADD ALIAS."

When you receive an incoming email addressed to a forwarding address, the email is forwarded to the "Forward To Address." The "Forward To Address" can be any of your POP accounts or it can be an outside email account hosted elsewhere.

A forwarding address must be unique, it cannot be the same as an existing POP account on your domain.

There is no limit to the number of forwarding addresses you can have for your domain.