How to Backup Your MS SQL Database

  1. Log into the DiscountASP.NET Control Panel
  2. On the menu to your left under Database Management, click on the MS SQL Manager link.

  3. Select your database and then click on the Manage button.

  4. Select the SQL Tool Suite tab, choose either .zip or .bak format, then click on the Create Backup button.

  5. You can either wait a while or check back later.  When the backup is complete, it will show Completed as seen below.

    If it shows an error instead, you can open up a support ticket to have us help you troubleshoot the issue.  Most errors are due to insufficient web disk space.  Make sure you have enough free space to hold the backup.  A .zip file will consume less space than a .bak file.  The database will also automatically be saved to the /_database or /App_Data folder if one or the other exists.  If neither exists, the /_database folder will be created for you, and the backup will be placed in there.
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