How to Disable SSL on nopCommerce

These instructions show you how to disable the SSL setting in nopCommerce.

Method 1: Removing SSL through the nopCommerce Administration Dashboard

  1. Log into your nopCommerce website using an account with administrator privileges.

  2. Click on the Administration link to load the dashboard.

  3. On the menu to your left, click on Configuration > Stores.  Click on the Edit button to configure it.

  4. In the Store URL, make sure you change it from https to http (i.e. remove the s).  Then click on the Disable SSL button.  Click on the Save button when you're finished.  (Note: If you don't remove the s in https, then it can cause your site to go into a infinite redirect loop.  If that happens, then you'll have to use Method 2 to disable SSL.)

Method 2: Removing SSL through the Database Directly

  1. Log into your nopCommerce database with SQL Server Management Studio.

  2. Click on the New Query icon (or CTRL-N).

  3. Type in the following T-SQL code into the window.

    USE [DatabaseName]
    UPDATE [dbo].[Store] SET [Url] = ''
    UPDATE [dbo].[Store] SET [SslEnabled] = 'False'

    Replacing DatabaseName with your SQL Server Database Name, removing the 's' from http, and replacing with your actual domain name.  Hit F5 to run the query.  This should allow you to log back into your site using http.  If you don't see the updated changes in your Administration dashboard, try clearing your browser's cache and/or restart the nopCommerce application.  There seems to be a weird glitch where the Store URL stays the same even though you changed it properly through T-SQL code.  If that seems to be the case, just run through the process again using Method 1.