How to configure Remote Desktop Client to connect to your environment?

We generally setup remote access to your servers through Remote Desktop Gateway rather than exposing RDP directly.
We will provide you with
  • Remote Gateway Server Name and Port
  • Servers that you have access to connect remotely
  • Credentials
Steps to setup Remote Desktop Connection
  • Open Remote Desktop Connection Client by
    • Click Windows Button
    • Type mstsc.exe
    • Click "Remote Desktop connection"
  • Click on Advanced Tab
  • Select Settings under Connect from anywhere
    • Input the Remote Gateway Server Name and port provided.
    • Make sure all settings matches the image below
  • Navigate to the General Tab and enter the server you want to connect to. 
  • Optional:
    • Change the display size in the "Display" tab
    • Map local devices like Printers, Clipboard and Drives to the remote server
      • Navigate to the Local Resources Tab and select what you want to map.
    • For convenience, you can save the RDP profile as a shortcut to your desktop or elsewhere on yoru computer by going to the "General" Tab and click save as