The User/Quota Manager allows you to:

  • Add/Remove Additional Windows users
  • Update existing user passwords
  • Adjust quota distribution for each Windows user account
  • View existing user quota usage and assignment
By default, we allocate 200MB of your disk space quota to the primary account user (your username) and 100MB of disk space to both the Anonymous ASPNet and Anonymous IUSR account.  See this Knowledge Base article for details on the definitions of Anonymous IUSR User and Anonymous ASPNet User.

Reading the Disk Space Quota Usage Report

There are 3 sections to the Disk Space Usage table.

Used Disk Space

This table displays the current disk space usage in MB for each User.

Free Disk Space

This table contains two sections: Allocated and Unallocated.
Allocated space means the space is already allocated to a user but not used.
Unallocated space means the space that has not been allocated and can be assigned to a user

Total Purchased Disk Space

This section displays the total purchased disk space.  That is, the sum of the Used Disk Space and Free Disk Space should equal the total of the Total Disk Space allotment for the hosting account.

Reading the Pie Chart

The Pie Chart shows the percentage of Used Disk Space, Allocated Free Disk Space and Unallocated Free Disk Space.

Adding a New User

At the bottom of the Active User List, you will see text fields.   Simply fill out the Username, Password, Disk Space Quota assignment, and click "Add".  You can add up to three Users per hosting account.

Deleting an Existing User

In the Active Users table, find the User that you wish to delete.   Click on "Delete".  You cannot delete the main account User, Anonymous ASPNet User and Anonymous IUSR.

Changing the Password for an Existing User

Locate the User in the Active Users table and click on "Edit".  Update the password and then click on "Update".  You cannot update the password for the main account Username, Anonymous ASPNet User and Anonymous IUSR.

If you want to update the password for the main account User, you must go to the "Update Password" section of the Control Panel (Upper Left Navigation).

Changing the Disk Space Quota for a User

Locate the User in the Active Users table and click on "Edit".  Update the quota and then click on "Update."