Using the SQL Reporting Services Report Builder Feature

Report Builder is a client-side application that you can use to create and design ad hoc reports.  Using Report Builder, you can select data and design reports without the use of any any complex programming languages.   You simply need to be familiar with the business model of your data.

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Refer to this knowledge base article for instructions on how to deploy to SQL Server Reporting Service using Report Builder.

Note:  If you get a deployment error using Report Builder, check the MS Report Builder version you are using.  You will need to ensure you are using the correct Report Builder version for deployment.

Here are a list of corresponding Microsoft Report Builder version to their associated Reporting Service.

  • SSRS 2005 - MS Report Builder 1.0
  • SSRS 2008 - MS Report Builder 2.0
  • SSRS 2012 - MS Report Builder 3.0