How to assign additional SQL logins to a SQL database

How to assign an SQL login to a database:
  1. Use the SQL Login Manager to create a new login in the MS SQL Manager section of Control Panel
  2. Connect to the database using SQL Server Management Studio with your primary login (see this Knowledge Base article)
  3. In Object Explorer, expand the Databases node 
  4. Locate the database to which you want to add the new SQL Login and expand the node
  5. Expand the Security Node under your Database node
  6. Right click on the Users node and select "New User..."
  7. In the Database User Properties
    • Choose SQL user with login in the User Type drop down box
    • Type the username you want to assign to this login in the "User name" text box
    • Type the login you want to assign to the database in the "Login name" text box
    • Click 'Membership' in the 'Select page' column
    • Choose 'db_owner', for 'Role Members'
  8. Click OK 
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