Contact Information

Use the "Edit Contact" button to make changes to your contact information.   It is important to maintain a current email address and telephone number in the event that it becomes necessary to contact you regarding your account.

Credit Card

Note the expiration date here and be sure to keep a current card on the account in order to prevent account renewal failure.

Control Panel Login

This is your username to log into Control Panel, as well as your primary user on the web server.  This username cannot be changed or deleted.


Updating the password here affects Control Panel & the main FTP password.

Security Questions

The security questions are used to verify your identity in the event that you forget your password.  The Security Questions are the primary method used to authenticate the ownership of the account.

Addon Options

Use these links to order additional disk storage space or bandwidth and to see pricing for other add-on services.

Domain Name

This is the primary domain name which is associated with your hosting account.

DNS Information

These are the name servers that your domain should use to direct traffic to your site on our servers.  If you are moving to DiscountASP.NET from another host you will use this information to update the name servers for your domain through your domain registrar.

Alternative URL

This is an alternative URL which is provided to each account.  This is useful for testing before you update your domain's DNS records to point to our services.

Server Information

Here you will find your server settings.  The server type, server name and the server path to the root directory of your account on the web server.   Certain applications or programs may require this information.   Use the [Upgrade] link within the Server Type field to migrate your account to the newest Microsoft operating system version.

FTP Information

Here you can find your FTP username and FTP password.  Note: Under Windows IIS7, your FTP username is different than your hosting control panel username.  This section also includes the host names for your FTP login.  Note that the Alternative address is permanent and can be used to access FTP if there is a problem with your domain name.

Email Information

These are the host names that are required to send and receive email on our system.  You can use either POP3 or IMAP to connect and download mail and SMTP to send.

Web Deploy and Publishing Information

This section provides you with your Server/Service URL along with your Site name, username and password that are used when publishing via Webdeploy or Webmatrix.  You can also download an XML file that contains the publishing settings.