How to configure the Website Blacklist monitoring service

The Website Blacklist Monitor will notify you if your website is ever listed as "unsafe" in Google's Safe Browsing database due to the discovery of malicious code. You can configure the monitoring system to stop your site and database backups when a compromise is detected. Stopping the backup improves the chances of being able to retrieve a non-infected backup to restore to your site.
By default Blacklist Monitor is disabled.  To enable, click the "Add Website Blacklist Monitor" button.  
That will take you to the "Website Blacklist Monitor" window.
Google Website blacklist monitor
Choose which site to monitor in the Website drop down list.
Enter the URL for your site.
If your site uses a database, choose the appropriate database in the Database dropdown.
Enter the email address you would like the notification emailed to.
Check "Stop backup after malware or phishing alerted detected." This is optional, but we encourage you to enable it in order to preserve uninfected backups.
Check Terms and Conditions.  
Click "Save."