Getting started with the Website Cloud Backup service

To get started configuring the Website Cloud Backup service, log in to Control Panel and under Cloud Backup manager click the Cloud Backup Management Portal link to access the main dashboard..
You will automatically be directed to the main dashboard.
DASP Cloud Backup main page
Settings menu: The settings menu allows you to set different types of notifications.  You can choose to be notified whether a backup is completed, or if you are reaching your backup storage quota limit.
Language menu: Choose your desired language to view the backup management portal.
The storage quota bar will indicate the amount of backup storage your backups are using.
Management portal buttons
Use the Add Database button to create a backup schedule for a MySQL database.
Use the Edit Connection button to edit the FTP connection details for the web server.
Use the Edit Schedule button to schedule backup start time,  frequency, and files to be excluded.
Use the Backup History button to view the backup history and success.
Use the Download Files button to download a copy of a backup.
Use the Restore Site button to restore a backup to the web server.
Use the Backup Now button to force an immediate backup.