How to log in to multiple Control Panels with one login

We have an account binding system that allows you to bind multiple hosting accounts so that each individual account can be accessed with one Control Panel login.

Master Account Binding System
  • To access, visit:
  • To set up: Click "Create a New Master Account"
    • Your Master Account username will be an email address, which you provide when creating a new Master Account.
    • You must complete an email address verification to complete the Master Account setup. Check your email right away to validate, without closing the Master Account setup browser window.
Binding Multiple Accounts
  • Log in to:
  • Go to the "Bind A Hosting Account" tab
  • Enter the Username/Password/Other Info for each individual hosting account
Managing Bound Accounts
Accessing Multiple Control Panels
  • Go to the Control Panel log in page:
  • Rather than using your individual hosting account username, use your master email address as your username
  • Once you are logged in you can toggle between the bound accounts using the drop down selector