Before you begin, please see this Knowledge Base article to see if your account meets the minimum requirements to run nopCommerce.  If you are unsure, you can open up a support ticket to have us check, and we'll let you know if you need to upgrade.

The first step is to order a MS SQL database if you haven't already.  Then follow these instructions to install nopCommerce.

  1. Log into the DiscountASP.NET Control Panel.
  2. On the menu to your left, click on Web App Gallery.
  3. Scroll down to the nopCommerce section and then click Continue with Installation >>.

  4. This will take you to the installation tool.  Leave the Application Path field blank if you want to install nopCommerce to the root of your site, otherwise enter the name of the subdirectory you want it installed to.  Then click on the Install Application button.

  5. This deploys the setup files to your account.  If the deployment is successful, you should see the screen below with a link to launch your site in a browser to continue the set up.  ( If you have not yet pointed your domain name to our servers, you can manually enter the Alternative URL found in the Account Info/Edit section of our Control Panel in a browser to continue with set up. )

  6. Create an administrator user account and password and then scroll down a bit.

  7. Enter your database information to connect nopCommerce to your database.  You can find this information in the MS SQL Manager section of the Control Panel (Database Management > MS SQL Manager > Manage button > Database Information tab).  You can leave all the boxes unchecked.  When everything on the page is filled out correctly, click the Install button.

  8. If successful, you should see the screenshot below.  Click on the Log in link and log in with the administrator account you created in step 6 to start managing and building your website.