Reissuing an SSL certificate from Network Solutions

These are instructions for customers who have already purchased an SSL Certificate from Network Solutions and wish to move it to your site hosted with us or to reissue an SSL Certificate already installed on the server.  You must first start off the process by generating a new CSR (Certificate Signing Request) from the DiscountASP.NET Control Panel:

  • Log into the DiscountASP.NET Control Panel.
  • Click on the SSL Management link to your left.
  • Click on the Generate New CSR button.
  • You can change the information on the certificate if you wish except for the common name.
  • Click on the Submit CSR Information button when you are done.
  • This will generate a new CSR.


You can then go to Network Solutions site and follow their instructions to reissue the SSL Certificate.

Once you receive the new SSL certificate, open it up with Notepad, copy and paste it in the "INSTALL YOUR SSL CERTIFICATE" section in the DiscountASP.NET Control Panel.

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